Cross Family Summary of Descendants

Descendants of Abraham and Betsy Cross have many branches. Amos Cross and his wife Eliza are the direct links to Samuel and Rebecca Cross.   My book Cross Roads has focused only Samuel and Rebecca Cross one child of Amos and Eliza Cross. However, I’ve included Amos’ brother Joseph Orin Cross to unveil his life as a Civil War soldier fighting with the 29th Connecticut Colored Volunteers. Through him, we are introduced to other family members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.  Joseph name is written on the Civil War Monument in Washington honoring African Americans who served.

I’ve also included Olive Cross, Amos, and Joseph sister, who are the grandmother of Alice May Weeden Fayerweather.  The Fayerweather is known for owning a successful blacksmith business in South Kingston Rhode Island.

Abraham and Betsy had seven children:

  • Joseph Orin. Married Abby J. Cross had 11 children,
    • Frances Cross, Ella Jane Cross, Charles Cross, Alice J. Cross, Horace L. Cross, Edward U. Cross, Sarah O. Cross, Howard O. Cross, George W. Cros
  • Nancy Ann Cross (Peterson) married David Frost Jr.  (DofB 1821; DofD 1882)
  • Isaac Cross is born 1813 married Eliza Ann Thomas. They have a son Frederick O born in Sept 1839. He died 29 July 1920.
  • Nelson A Cross married Louisa A Williams (born Abt. 1819, died 22 June 1890>) they lived in Griswold. Both are buried in Pachaug Cemetery in Griswold. ( Undertakers account Book Griswold 1884-1895 at Connecticut Historical Society MS 72849 (10); Hale/ Radstine Index.
  • John Cross born 1808 and died 9 September 1843. John married Clarissa in Hartford Connecticut 24 July 1830. He purchased land from his father Abraham Cross in 1857. ( Griswold Town Clerk V7 p419)
  • Amos born Abt. 1809. Married Eliza Sept 1832. Their Children were Samuel, Joseph, William Prince Henry, Louisa, Bertha, Gilbert, Amelia
  • Olive Cross is born Abt. 1800 and died 9 Aug 1868 married George Brewster on 4 May 1834 at the First Congregational Church. (Church Records at Griswold Town Clerk office Vol. 2 p 214). They had seven children Laura, Amos, Louis, Rosella, Betsy, Sarah, Louisa R born 1846  and Maria

1860 census George and Olive Brewster and their children; Amos 25, Lois 24, Rosella 22, Betsy 20, Sarah 17 and Louisa 14. Maria who is three in1850 is not in 1860 census.

Amos C Brewster enrolled In 29th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. (colored)

Louisa R Brewster married Dwight  L. Weeden on Feb 22, 1865. Their daughter Bertha Loisa was born 17 May 1866. Their son Clifford born 17Aug 1869; their daughter Alice May Weeden was born in1871 and died 7 Dec 1945. She married Solomon Eugene Fayerweather on 17 Feb 1889 @ 18yrs old, in South Kingstown.

Their daughter Louisa Weeden died at birth 17 April 1881.


Solomon Eugene Fayerweather was born 18 Oct 1865   in South Kingstown. Died 7Dec.1945

His parents Solomon Fayerweather and Lousia Brewster Weeden are well known in South Kingstown.  Solomon E. father, Solomon, owned a profitable blacksmith business in South Kingstown.  His success made him a leader in the South Kingstown community. Solomon was sexton of the Kingston Congregational Church in Kingstown. Solomon is the son of George 11 and grandson of George Fayerweather former slave of Rev. Samuel Fayerweather. George took the name of his slave master.

George Fayerweather 1776-1841 married Louisa Weeden

Solomon Fayerweather is born 1820, son of George Fayerweather and Nancy Rodman Fayerweather.

Solomon married Louisa Brewster Weeden.He died in1901. They had six children: Daniel G. Fayerweather 1852-1875, Georgiana Fayerweathe 1865-?, John H. Fayerweather 1859-1934, Sarah Elizabeth Fayerweather 1854-1921, Louisa E. Fayerweather 1857-1858 (died at birth), and Solomon Eugene Fayerweather. 1866-1945.

Connections to South Kingstown Rhode Island

Children of the Cross family and their spouses returned to South Kingstown Rhode Island.  Louisa R, daughter of Olive Cross Brewster and George Brewster married Dwight L Weeden on the 22 February I 1865 in South Kingstown. Louisa R born in1846 died on 5 March 1881 in Narragansett Pier South Kingstown.

Betsey Ann, daughter of Olive Cross Brewster and George Brewster born in 1841 married Olney. She died on 5 January 1915 in South Kingston

Alice May Weeden born in 1871 married Solomon E Fayerweather (born 1865) on 17 February 1889 in South Kingstown. Alice May died on 7 December 1945.

Marrow Slaves Date Of Birth

NAME                                                                      DATE OF BIRTH

SAM                                                                                      1800

AARON                                                                            1810

BLACKSMITH JIM                                                    1812

PHEBE                                                                           1817

ALBERT                                                                      1816

STERLING                                                               1819

JOHN                                                                        1820

PEGGY                                                                    1821

ANDERSON                                                         1824

NANNY                                                                1816

LUCY                                                                  1827

LUCY                                                                 1836

BETSY                                                            1833

MARIAH                                                      1833

MARIAH                                                      1837

RODA                                                         1839

GDFREY                                                     1841

FLEMING                                                    1841

MILLY                                                                1844

DRURY                                                              1845

SAM                                                                1847

BLK SON JAMES                                  1831

NAME                                                                   DATE OF BIRTH

EDY                                                                             1846

MOLLY                                                                    1848

ELIZA                                                                  1 849

BOB                                                                   1850

CAIN                                                               1850

DILLY                                                               1850

FRANCES                                                       1851

HESTER                                                              1852

CALLIE                                                                1856

ABEL                                                                     1856

FRANCIS                                                           1857

Olive Cross and George Brewster

Olive Cross ( daughter of Abraham and Betsy Cross)

(Sister of Joseph Orin Cross and Amos Cross)

Olive is born between 1811. She married George Brewster 4 May 1834 at the First Congregational Church in Griswold, Connecticut. [ii] George Brewster born  about 1812 . The couple have 8  children:  [iii]

  • Betsy Ann Brewster married Olney.  Betsy is born about 1840 in Connecticut
  • Lois E Brewster married Williams.  She is born about 1839 in Conn.
  • Roseella  S  Brewster married Edward Watson.  She is born  about 1838  in Rhode Island
  • Lousia R  Brewster married Dwight L Weeden Feb 22, 1865. Louisa born about. 1845 in Conn.
  • Sarah  A Brewster born about 1842-3 in Conn.
  • Amos Crosby Brewster about 1834-5 in Conn.
  • Laura Brewster born about 1846 in Conn.
  • Maria Brewster born about 1847  and disappears from the 1860 census.

In 1860 Olive and George Brewster and their children live in South Kingston Rhode Island, the birth place of Olive grandfather West Cross, and the birth place of George.

The  couple move to Rhode Island before  Rosallia is born about 1838 and return to Griswold Connecticut almost a year later before Lois is born in  about 1839. They remain in Connecticut  until about 1860.

George Brewster is a stone mason in South Kingstown Rhode Island in 186.  Olive worked  as a washer women and the daughters are employed as domestics. The only labor most Black women are employed.  Amos , the only son is a laborer.  

Olive Cross Brewster returns to Rhode Island for her final resting place after her death on 9 August 1868 in Wakefield, Washington County Rhode island.[iv]


[i] 1860 United tates Federal Census The national Archives, record group 29, roll 1211, Rhode Island Washington County, South Kingstown, pg.22. National Archives, Washington, D.C..

[ii] Church Records at Griswold Town Clerk, Vol 2 pg 214.

[iii] Rhode Island  Historical records.; 1850 United states Federal census.

[iv] Rhode Island Death and Buriel 180-1950, index, MM9.11.

South Kingstown Rhode Island 1790 Census Afro-American and Native American

1790 is the first Federal Census.  This is the South Kingstown Census that listed Afro-Americans and Native Americans.  It is probable not every one is counted. Jesper Weeden is listed in the United States 1790 Census but not on the South Kingstown Census.

Head of Household # in House

Babcock, Ceasar Southwick 4
Babcock, Ceasar 8
Babcock, Ceasar  2
Brown, Adam 6
Brown, Adam 5
Champlin, John Prince 9
Champlin, John 5
Charles, Sarah (Indian) 9
Cheah, William (Indian) 5
Cross, West 4
Cross, West 6
Cupidore 6
Dyer,Prince 5
Eck, John Indian
Gardner, Dick 9
Gould, Thomas 4
Hamas, John( Indian) 10
Hazard, Jack 9
Hazard, Quash 2
Helms, Abigail (Indian) 4
Kant, Philip 4
Kant, Philip 7
Lambo 2
Monk, Cuddy 5
Niles, Henry 4
Nilkes, Quash 4
Perry, Daniel 4
Perry, Henry 6
Perry, Phillis 5
Perry, Quash 7
Pickham, peter 5
Pickham, Phillis 3
Portter, Mingo 10
Potter,Sambo 4
Robins, Thomas 6
Robinson, Cuff 4
Robinson, John (Indian) 6
Robinson, Stepenny 8
Robinson,Amos 3
Rodman, Celia 3
Rodman, Jack (Indian) 3
Rodman, Philip 7
Sambo 2
Tony, Cuff 6
Torey, Cuff 4
Watson, Ceasar 5
Watson, Guy 6
Watson, Jack 4

Abby Jane Simons Cross

Abby Jane Simons Cross

Abby married Joseph Orin Cross. Married 8 September 1853 Abby DoB 1833 in Sterling Conn. DoD 30 July 1899

Mother:  Eliza Brewster Simons. DoB 1811; DoD 1877

Abby siblings

  1. Brother: Horace Simons. Born 1831.Married Mary Jane Pierce born 1833 and died 17 June 1908. They Had 8 children
  2. Brother: William Henry Simons. Company D 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillary Died August 20, 1864 at Fort Jackson LA
  3. Brother: John Simons. Married Ellen Weeden in Griswold. He was in Company D 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillary. Died Sept. 12, 1864 at Fort Jackson LA.
  4. Sister: Susan E. Simmons. Dof B 1845 Married George F. Weeden 6 August 1859
  5. Sister: Hannah Simons. DoB 1842-1847

Introduction to Olive Cross Brewster and George Brewster

Introduction to Olive Cross Brewster and George Brewster

Louisa R Brewster and Amos Crosby Brewster.

The lineal relationship between the origin of the Cross ancestry Of South Kingstown , Washington County Rhode Island is seen through the continued connection of Olive Cross and her offspring Louisa R Brewster.

Olive Cross the daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Betsy) Cross and the sister of Amos Cross and Joseph Orin Cross are direct lineage to Samuel Cross.

Amos Cross and his wife Eliza are the parents of Samuel Cross. Olive and Joseph Cross are Samuel Cross aunt and uncle. Samuel Cross married Rebecca Marrow and their children Anderson, James Weldon and Lucy are linked to current day descendants.

Louisa R Brewster.
Louisa has close ties with her uncles. When Louisa R wants to marry Dwight Weeden she writes to her uncle Amos (who is serving in the Connecticut 29th,) for advice. Amos tells Joseph ( also in the 29th)in his letter . Both uncles are reluctant to approve this union. It could be that Dwight L Weeden is twice Louisa age. He is 34 and she is 19. Whatever their response Louisa married Dwight Weeden on 22 February 1865 in South Kingston Rhode Island.
Dwight Weeden born about 1838 in Rhode Island. His father is Ceasar Weeden born 14 February 1811 in North kingtown Rhode Island. His mother is Abby. Ceasar Weeden father is Peter Weeden and His mother is Lucy.

  • The 1790 Rhode Island census list Jesper Weeden and West Cross. It is probable they knew one another. It’s possible he is related to Peter Weeden.
    Dwight L Weeden and Louisa R Brewster Weeden Children:
    Bertha Loisa Weeden born 17 May 1866 in South Kingstown Rhode Island.
    R.Louisa Weeden born 17 May 1866 in South Kingstown Rhode Island.
    Clifford Weeden born 1868. Died ar 1 years old on 17August 1869.
    Alice May Weeden born 1870 in Rhode Island
    Betsey J Weeden


Jesper Weeden

Jesper (Negro) Weeden, “United States Census, 1790”
Name: Jesper (Negro) Weeden
Event Place: South Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island
Page Number: 94
Line Number: 10407
Affiliate Publication Number: M637
Affiliate Film Number: 10
GS Film number: 0568150
Digital Folder Number: 004440872
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Citing this Record

“United States Census, 1790,” index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 22 Jan 2014), Jesper (Negro) Weeden, 1790.

Cross Roads

The use of the name Cross Roads for this site is a tribute to Samuel Cross.
Following the Civil War the American Missionary Association sent Samuel to Townsville, North Carolina to open a school to teach former slaves. Samuel opened the school at the “Cross Roads”.

It is here he met and married Rebecca Marrow a former slave.Their union formed the ancestral relationship to the Cross family; and connections to the Marrow family slave owners.

PREFACE for Cross Roads a Historical Genealogy of the Cross/ Marrow Family 1750-1950

This work entitled Cross Roads: A Historical Genealogy of the Cross Family, 1750-1950, is written as a legacy for generations of the Cross-Marrow family.
Producing a Historical Genealogy narrative is both a struggle and triumph. When it is your family history, it is exuberant.

Finding documented evidence of African American families requires intensive research of a plethora of documents on hundreds of website and numerous repositories. Fortunately, access to colleges, universities, libraries, local and national archives and other subject specific entities are now available online for researchers.

I began research on my family history several years ago for a family reunion. I thought it would be a simple task of finding my grandparents and great grandparents. To my surprise, what was a three-generation history became ten generations. Unsatisfied with just producing a family tree, I decided to treat my findings as the start of an historical genealogical narrative.
Finding individuals in an era is not enough. Each person is a part of a family, and wider community. These constitute an individual’s social location that drives their economic, political and social lives. Consequently, individuals are seen in historical context.

Cross Roads is a story of my ancestors. I have attempted to identify with their experiences for empathy and sympathy. Sometimes it seems they are sitting on my shoulders.

I have selected to concentrate on the Cross side of the family beginning with West Cross the patriarch and ending with the death of my great-grand mother, a former slave, Rebecca Marrow the wife of Samuel Cross. Although the Cross ancestors are a primary focus, the Marrow family is a secondary focus as the wife of Samuel Cross and an interval part of the family history.

This investigation intensified after discovering the names of my great-great grand-parents Amos Cross and Eliza Cross on the Marriage Certificate of Samuel Cross and Rebecca Marrow. With this knowledge in hand I went to the Family Research Center in Maryland, a place I was familiar with from previous research.

Through my research at the “Center” I Obtained a copy of the Barbour Collection of Marriages and found Amos Cross and Eliza Gilbert. Amos and Eliza married in Hartford Connecticut on September 6, 1832. Amos was in Griswold Connecticut in 1832, the year of his marriage and his wife Eliza Gilbert lived in Middletown Connecticut. I was surprise to discover Amos and Eliza were free Blacks. I knew nothing of free Blacks in this era living in Griswold or Middletown Connecticut. I turned my attention to exploring the history of Griswold and Middletown.

Amos and Eliza made their home in Hartford Connecticut. I knew Hartford was a key to be unlocked since my mother and aunts always said their father Anderson Cross was from Hartford Connecticut.
This discovery led to unveiling West Cross, the patriarch of  the Cross family, in  South  Kingstown Rhode Island.
A complete history can be found in the book.