South Kingstown Rhode Island 1790 Census Afro-American and Native American

1790 is the first Federal Census.  This is the South Kingstown Census that listed Afro-Americans and Native Americans.  It is probable not every one is counted. Jesper Weeden is listed in the United States 1790 Census but not on the South Kingstown Census.

Head of Household # in House

Babcock, Ceasar Southwick 4
Babcock, Ceasar 8
Babcock, Ceasar  2
Brown, Adam 6
Brown, Adam 5
Champlin, John Prince 9
Champlin, John 5
Charles, Sarah (Indian) 9
Cheah, William (Indian) 5
Cross, West 4
Cross, West 6
Cupidore 6
Dyer,Prince 5
Eck, John Indian
Gardner, Dick 9
Gould, Thomas 4
Hamas, John( Indian) 10
Hazard, Jack 9
Hazard, Quash 2
Helms, Abigail (Indian) 4
Kant, Philip 4
Kant, Philip 7
Lambo 2
Monk, Cuddy 5
Niles, Henry 4
Nilkes, Quash 4
Perry, Daniel 4
Perry, Henry 6
Perry, Phillis 5
Perry, Quash 7
Pickham, peter 5
Pickham, Phillis 3
Portter, Mingo 10
Potter,Sambo 4
Robins, Thomas 6
Robinson, Cuff 4
Robinson, John (Indian) 6
Robinson, Stepenny 8
Robinson,Amos 3
Rodman, Celia 3
Rodman, Jack (Indian) 3
Rodman, Philip 7
Sambo 2
Tony, Cuff 6
Torey, Cuff 4
Watson, Ceasar 5
Watson, Guy 6
Watson, Jack 4

Abby Jane Simons Cross

Abby Jane Simons Cross

Abby married Joseph Orin Cross. Married 8 September 1853 Abby DoB 1833 in Sterling Conn. DoD 30 July 1899

Mother:  Eliza Brewster Simons. DoB 1811; DoD 1877

Abby siblings

  1. Brother: Horace Simons. Born 1831.Married Mary Jane Pierce born 1833 and died 17 June 1908. They Had 8 children
  2. Brother: William Henry Simons. Company D 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillary Died August 20, 1864 at Fort Jackson LA
  3. Brother: John Simons. Married Ellen Weeden in Griswold. He was in Company D 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillary. Died Sept. 12, 1864 at Fort Jackson LA.
  4. Sister: Susan E. Simmons. Dof B 1845 Married George F. Weeden 6 August 1859
  5. Sister: Hannah Simons. DoB 1842-1847

Introduction to Olive Cross Brewster and George Brewster

Introduction to Olive Cross Brewster and George Brewster

Louisa R Brewster and Amos Crosby Brewster.

The lineal relationship between the origin of the Cross ancestry Of South Kingstown , Washington County Rhode Island is seen through the continued connection of Olive Cross and her offspring Louisa R Brewster.

Olive Cross the daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Betsy) Cross and the sister of Amos Cross and Joseph Orin Cross are direct lineage to Samuel Cross.

Amos Cross and his wife Eliza are the parents of Samuel Cross. Olive and Joseph Cross are Samuel Cross aunt and uncle. Samuel Cross married Rebecca Marrow and their children Anderson, James Weldon and Lucy are linked to current day descendants.

Louisa R Brewster.
Louisa has close ties with her uncles. When Louisa R wants to marry Dwight Weeden she writes to her uncle Amos (who is serving in the Connecticut 29th,) for advice. Amos tells Joseph ( also in the 29th)in his letter . Both uncles are reluctant to approve this union. It could be that Dwight L Weeden is twice Louisa age. He is 34 and she is 19. Whatever their response Louisa married Dwight Weeden on 22 February 1865 in South Kingston Rhode Island.
Dwight Weeden born about 1838 in Rhode Island. His father is Ceasar Weeden born 14 February 1811 in North kingtown Rhode Island. His mother is Abby. Ceasar Weeden father is Peter Weeden and His mother is Lucy.

  • The 1790 Rhode Island census list Jesper Weeden and West Cross. It is probable they knew one another. It’s possible he is related to Peter Weeden.
    Dwight L Weeden and Louisa R Brewster Weeden Children:
    Bertha Loisa Weeden born 17 May 1866 in South Kingstown Rhode Island.
    R.Louisa Weeden born 17 May 1866 in South Kingstown Rhode Island.
    Clifford Weeden born 1868. Died ar 1 years old on 17August 1869.
    Alice May Weeden born 1870 in Rhode Island
    Betsey J Weeden


Jesper Weeden

Jesper (Negro) Weeden, “United States Census, 1790”
Name: Jesper (Negro) Weeden
Event Place: South Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island
Page Number: 94
Line Number: 10407
Affiliate Publication Number: M637
Affiliate Film Number: 10
GS Film number: 0568150
Digital Folder Number: 004440872
Image Number: 00063
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